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Reagent Management

RMS®: Reagent Management System

• Comprehensive open material management system for laboratories
• Efficient stock management of all products from all suppliers
• Allows complete, understandable and secure statistics in order to uphold the highest quality standards
• Minimises time spent electronically managing stock:
• Automated order processes, as well as warnings for batch expiration
• Efficient stock management saves money and up to 50% of your storage space
• RMS® uses e-commerce standards for laboratories, so 100% standardised
• Future-proof RFID support is already implemented

Arguments for RMS®:

• An open system for all suppliers
• Contractual statistics e.g. ‘cost per reportable result’ (CPR)
• Interfaces to LIS, HIS and bookkeeping systems
• RMS® CONTROL and RMS® ANALYTICS (business intelligence for laboratories)
• Constant development and customer meetings