COMED Computerorganisation in der Medizin

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Laboratory communication


• Workflow optimisation, no more slips of paper (request slips, results etc)
• Existing hardware can be used
• No installation on the work station’s computers necessary
• Connection as an independent web programme via your browser or through direct seamless integration into existing KIS
• Controlled scope of functions through user rights management
• Automatic patient and case data acceptance
• Lab request optimisation through active monitoring of request behaviour
• Specific laboratory requests with laboratory policies for specialist areas with previous value and long-term controls
• Expanded search using case number, barcode etc and structured lists of results (station, patient, request)
• Neutral evaluation of laboratory performance statistics

• Additional information can be passed onto the laboratory (e.g. materials, infectious, heparin, screening, special information about the patient or material etc)
• Presentation of total, graphic, cumulative and individual results either via the web or fully integrated into the KIS electronic patient file
• TOUR LISTS (e.g. blood sugar): optimising journeys and transparency in taking samples
• SAMPLE TRACING: the requesting department can request information about the status and location of each sample
• Foundations for medication administration
• Additional information in requests to avoid expensive medication costs and to establish compensation rates based on the degree of severity
• POCT optimisation through establishing and allocating costs to patients
• Foundations for monitoring contracts with external laboratories