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About COMED: The COMED system house and its story

The COMED system house

On this page, you’ll find plenty of interesting information about the founding of COMED Computerorganisation in der Medizin GmbH, and the company’s current circumstances.

Dr. Jürgen Knipps
Ruth Knipps
Tim O. Knipps
Michael C. Knipps

Success story:

The ISO 9001:2008 certified COMED Group was founded by Ruth and Dr Jürgen Knipps in 1986.

Qualified businessman (EBS) Tim O. Knipps’ arrival as the shareholder and managing director introduced further national and international expansion with new, innovative software solutions as well as the development of personal and technical customer contact with service and support. Michael C. Knipps set the course for the Australian and New Zealand market for SHS/RMS® in 2010, and currently manages our branch in Dusseldorf.


Three reasons to choose innovative software solutions from COMED:


COMED GmbH is 100% independent with over 1400 international installations


More than 150 interfaces and an open interface concept mean that our software optimally adapts to your existing software connections


COMED GmbH is subject to strict certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

COMED today:

Laboratory doctors, laboratory chains, clinics and university laboratories (+SAP interfaces) use our material management system (SHS) and Reagent Management System (RMS®), which currently boast over 12,000 daily users.

Our laboratory communication solutions are based on 25 years of on-site experience in the international laboratory industry with over 150 different LIS, KIS and financial accounting couplings.

COMED in the press:

Take a look at media coverage of COMED and its partners, as well as news about new installations and innovations.